A loan for the holidays – Start paying back even in 2 months!


The upcoming Christmas is a special time for many people. However, more and more expenses related to planning holiday pleasures often receive real joy from the feast. A Christmas loan at Seventies bank can solve many problems. Why? Because it was created right for the December challenges!

A loan for the holidays in Seventies bank – a special offer for new customers!

A loan for the holidays in Seventies bank - a special offer for new customers!

Banks and loan companies have been flooding us with a wave of promotional offers for loans and credits for several months. Some of them actually have many attractive advantages – while others “only” cover the actual costs of using the offer. This time, we took a closer look at the loan company offer – Copy Lender Bank.

The lender offers a loan in installments from $ 800 to $ 25,000 for up to 48 months for new customers. Importantly, the company also offers the option of paying off liabilities only after 2 months from signing the contract. So when you take out a loan today, you don’t have to pay it back after 30 or 40 days. You have definitely more time, because up to 60 days.

The loan for the holidays in Copy Lender Bank – conditions for granting the promotion

The loan for the holidays in Copy Lender Bank - conditions for granting the promotion

Holiday borrowing must always be very reasonable – just like on other days of the year. That is why today’s promotion has undergone our thorough verification. If you are a new customer, you have the following loan parameters:

  • loan amount – from $ 800 to $ 25,000
  • repayment period – from 3 to 48 months
  • APRC – 0%

Promotional loan for Christmas in Copy Lender Bank is mainly a gift for new customers who:

  • are at least 18 years old
  • have full legal capacity
  • during the promotion, they will submit a loan application to Seventies bank
  • on the day of requesting the commitment they do not have an active loan agreement
  • have a positive assessment of creditworthiness
  • they have a stable income – importantly, they can come from a variety of sources, e.g. employment contract, work order / work, retirement / disability pension or social benefits.
  • they have a valid ID, e-mail, bank account and telephone number

The offer is addressed to new customers who are using the services of the company for the first time.

Seventies bank loans are cheap borrowing?

Hapo loans are cheap borrowing?

Christmas loan promotion is not the only surprise the lender has prepared for its consumers. Seventies bank took care in particular of people who in the sheer volume of Christmas expenses may have a big problem with paying off their liabilities. So she came out with a refund initiative only two months after the loan agreement was concluded.

How does it look in practice? For example, if you borrow money in December for $ 8,300 with a 48-month repayment period, you will pay the first installment in February. The exact fees are as follows:

  • loan amount – $ 8,300
  • loan period – 48 months
  • amount of equal monthly installments – $ 207.78
  • APRC – 9.72%
  • interest – $ 0
  • preparation fee – 418.36 $
  • commission – $ 1,255.08

How do I apply for a loan for Christmas in Copy Lender Bank?

How do I apply for a loan for Christmas in Copy Lender Bank?

The process of applying for a promotional loan for new customers is standard – and it does not differ much from the rest of competing offers. For a quick insight, we present the basic steps in correctly applying for additional cash.

1. Go to the lender’s website by going to: Copy Lender Bank or click on the link directly referring to the website:

A loan for the holidays in Copy Lender Bank

2. Adjust the loan amount and period on the available loan calculator. Remember to borrow only as much as you need.

3. Click the “I want a loan” button.

4. In the ‘Let’s meet’ registration form you will be asked to fill in the basic data. Enter in it: name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, PESEL number, as well as define the password for the Customer Area. Then click the “Ask for offer” button.

5. A company consultant will call you back and confirm your details by phone.

6. After positive verification, Seventies bank will instantly transfer money to your bank account.

7. Repay commitment on time! For each day of delay the lender charges additional penalty interest 1.

A simple registration form precedes the calculator, where you choose the amount and period of loan crediting. 

Start paying back even in 2 months!

Start paying back even in 2 months!

A Christmas loan in Seventies bank loans is undoubtedly an interesting option if you need cash spread over a longer loan period. In addition, you have more time to collect a certain amount to pay the first installment.

On the other hand, approach the topic responsibly. It is mainly about the fact that funds have been transferred within the prescribed period. If you had not repaid your liability on a given day, Seventies bank will charge penalty interest – and in the event of further problems it may even seek a cash refund through recovery or enforcement proceedings. It also has the right to provide information on your debt to BIK and BIG “Infomonitor”. It doesn’t bode well for you in the future. Therefore, if you take advantage of the possibility of loans and payday loans, then only with your head!