Loan Redemption: All-in-One Credit Cluster

The multiplication of loans, especially renewable loans (replenishable), sometimes leads some households into the spiral of over-indebtedness: ” I repay too much credit so I borrow to meet the deadlines … etc …! “

Rather than borrow more to pay back more, think about credit redemption. Most companies offering credit as well as banks offer the purchase or consolidation of loans.

The operation of the repurchase of credit is simple


A credit organization, the Good Finance, in this case, repurchases all your credits in course, it refunds them by anticipation in your place. Then you will have to repay Good Finance.

The repayments are staggered, the duration of the credit is lengthened so as to reduce the amount of the maturities. This leads to an increase in the cost of credit.


  • – Be over 27 years old and under 74 years old.
  • – To be already a member of the Good Finance.
  • – The sum must be greater than 3000 dollars.
  • – The repayment schedule can range from 1 to 12 years.
  • – Loans affected by the credit redemption all in 1: Auto loans, consumer loans, work loans, holiday or travel loans, personal loans, revolving loans or replenishable loans. However, it is not possible to include real estate loans.


  1. In case of receipt of money, the borrower may prepay the amount remaining due or only part of it.
  2. Conversely, in case of financial concern, it is possible to postpone a deadline. This monthly payment is postponed until the end of the loan.
  3. If you are interested in buying Good Finance all-in-one credit, we advise you to go to their official website: www.Good Finance. then to the ” credit ” page, “ready all in one” section.

Contacts: Several possibilities to contact the Good Finance are offered, either by sending an email or by calling 0825 88 33 12. You can also go to one of the Good Finance agencies, it is possible to obtain the coordinates of the closest to your home in the “Contact us” section, then by clicking on the map of France.

Agreement in principle


It is possible to get an agreement in principle very quickly. After which you must return the final signed contract accompanied by the required supporting documents. After receipt of the Good Finance and final agreement, the contract will take effect after the legal period of withdrawal.


  • The credit consolidation is an interesting formula because it makes it possible to make up for a sometimes difficult financial situation before falling into the overindebtedness. The loan all in one has nothing to envy the competition.
  • The absence of fees is to be emphasized, especially since buying a loan requires a lot of work to the company that makes the steps.
  • The deadline is a possibility to “skip a monthly payment”. However, we advise you to reserve this option in case of real difficulties.

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February 10, 2020