Top up credit – how it works

Did you forget to take winter tires into account when buying a car? Is your new apartment in need of new furniture? Life is full of uncertainties and surprises, so the monetary framework has to be shapeable. In the case of a loan that is already in progress, it is advisable to increase the loan.

Our everyday life is stressful, too often things are forgotten. This also applies to the items involved in the calculation of a personal loan: with health treatment, the costs for the subsequent cure are eliminated, with the purchase of the apartment, the furniture is lost or you grow out of the lively two-seater with the founding of a family. In such cases, increasing the current loan is an opportune option.

We have put together the most important points for you to consider for a successful credit increase.


Well-tried is not always the best – question it

credit loan

Do not stay with the current loan provider out of habit. Above all reliable customers with longer at higher amounts repayment term rausholen significantly more favorable terms – in particular to lower loan interest rates. The competition of your previous bank does not sleep and makes you a better offer than the previous one with a suitable credit rating. Get active because your old bank does not automatically re-honor you.


Compare and consider a credit summary

credit summary

What applies to investing does not apply to borrowing: To spread the risk of loss, investors are advised to spread their funds over several investments. With loans, however, the opposite is the case. It is worthwhile here to consolidate all current loans into one. A possible credit increase is the right moment for this. One of the advantages of a debt rescheduling is that you can benefit from better interest rates with larger amounts of credit. A lower annual interest rate can quickly save a few thousand dollars over the entire term.


Use the free expertise of proven credit experts

credit loan

Compare offers, summarize loans and make everything more manageable – it doesn’t have to be what sounds like a lot of personal effort. Properly tackled and with the help of a reputable credit expert, increases are a real opportunity to get the best conditions on the market.

The TOPLEND team with strong experts in credit transactions looks at each case individually and puts together a loan dossier adapted to your case. In addition, you will receive the right options for your credit increase. Contact us today or make a non-binding loan offer directly.